Stone Sour-Thoughts about Hydrograd


Stone Sour released today 2 new tracks from their upcoming album titled Hydrograd which is set to be released on June 30.The two tracks entitled Song 3(which is the 5th track on the album) and Fabuless  are giving a taste from the new effort from the rockers.The new album is highly anticipated because their latest albums were for me the best albums by the band(along with Come Whatever May)and a great showcase of the bands musicality and Taylor's great songwriting abillities.

However,there was a change in the band during the recording of Slipknot's Gray Chapter which was the departure of guitarist Jim Root from Stone Sour so it will be interesting to see how the songs are going to turn out without Root and with contributions from the new guitarist Christian Matrucci.The first song Fabuless is a typical Stone Sour song with a punk feeling which is delivered mainly through Mayorga's performance.The bass driven verses lead to a aggresive pre-chorus and a catchy melodic chorus in which Corey Taylor truly shines.I actually didn't care a lot about the guitar solo though.All in all the song is pretty catchy for a first single,it serves the purpose and it is overall a good song.Song 3 showcases the slow and more melodic side of Stone Sour.Surprisingly upbeat and poppier,the song reminds me a lot of Audio Secrecy.The chorus gives a nostalgic feel and the guitar solo is on spot.I think this is a song that in the flow of the album will surely be more appreciated by the fans.The band also revealed the tracklist(15 songs with some pretty weird song titles) and the album cover.
Stone Sour is giving out propably the most radio friendly hard rock song and a great single along with the softest song on the album.There isn't a hype like the Gone Sovereign/Absolute Zero release  and despite being too early to tell as we only got two songs I feel that the record is going to be a lot closer to Come Whatever May/Audio Secrecy hard rock style than the darker heavier,cinematic songs on House of Gold and Bones .I;m really curious on how the record is going to be and if it will be indeed the best record Stone Sour has ever done as Corey said.


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